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This unique website is created to make the preparation for USMLE easy and fun using simple, logical and Mnemonic based approach that has worked for many test takers.

We provide the highest number of cases representing the wide variety of cases and a use advanced technology to help you practice the cases timed.

And it is the most affordable!

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Features and highlights of the course

Using a simple Mnemonic based approach uniformly through out the course has made our course one of the most successful CS courses available online, better than Kaplan, better than UsmleWorld! Do not take our word for it, see the testimonials and see the sample cases! You will not regret having subscribed to a course that makes your life and this examination easy for you! We even offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 24 hours!

Unique Features

  • History Taking Skills

  • Timed SP Check Lists (Timers warn after 15 min)

  • Closing the encounter

  • Workup and Differential Diagnosis

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Patient Notes Written For Patient Encounters

  • Software to Practice Patient Note (With 10 min Timer)

  • Compare Your PN With Others

  • A uniform Mnemonic Based Approach (Unique)

  • Case Discussions Covering the Topic (Unique)

  • Abbreviations for CS

  • Partner Finder

  • Physical Examination Video's (External)

  • Over 30 videos explaining the cases in detail

  • Advise from Test Takers

Other Features

  • Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied in 24 hours minus $6.00

  • The prices are extremely low given the number of cases, high quality simplified content and videos.

  • The actual price is over $150 for 4 weeks but now available for a very low intro price.

  • Compare this to others that have half the number of cases, less features, no case discussions or videos, no software to practice PN but charge more!


  • A total of 120 Unique Cases (Largest Available)

    • 30+ Video Case Discussions (Unique)

    • 32 Complete Patient Interviews (Unique)

    • 26 virtual patient cases for Practice

    • 63 Symptom Based Approach Cases (Unique)

  • 400 plus Pages of High Yield Content

Why UsmleSource

Most people that fail the USMLE step 2 CS do so in data gathering! Why do people fail in data gathering? because most of the courses available, including OSCE, FA and UW, concentrate so much on the individual case rather than the approach.

The folks that design USMLE knowingly mix the features of a few diseases so that your differential is wide open. It is important to realize that the key to success is not your diagnosis but your approach! That is why we have taken all the common symptoms that you see in USMLE CS, and provided with our "symptom based approach" that works no matter what the individual scenario might be!

Since practice is one of the most important parts of preparation for this examination, we developed software to enable you to practice the cases timed including the patient note.                       ...more

User Reviews

I feel very confident going into the exam after reviewing these cases. Being this is my second attempt I found a strong correlation between my prior cases and the cases offered here. The information is being handed to you in the most discrete and clear ways possible. Take advantage of it! Not only are the cases interactive but also the forms for feedback which ensures a rich database of cases from prior experience.

As posted by user Guerino in the forums here

Patient Encounters

 About 32 excellent interview style patient cases

The Patient Encounters are complete patient interviews with transcripts of actual conversations between an SP and an MD. This is the only one of its kind available anywhere. Each case has

  • Doorway information

  • Patient interview with checkboxes, which enables you to check your score

  • A timer that alerts you after 15 minutes,

  • Ability to come up with your own Differential and work up before looking at the answers in the textbox which you can see by scrolling down.

  • A sample patient note

  • Software to practice the patient note

  • Ability to compare your patient note with that of others

See the sample case in this section which is fully functional. You will get your time is up alert after the allotted 15 minutes for the patient encounter and 10 minutes for the patient note.

See a fully functional Sample Case 1 | Sample Case 2 | Index of cases

Symptom Based Approach

About 60 symptoms fully worked up - Added 10 new cases!

A professional approach with all the questions and the physical examination needed for almost all of the symptoms that are commonly encountered in the USMLE step 2 CS examination. The symptom based approach gives you a single format to work on any given symptom with all the questions to be asked in HPI and the rest of the questions using the Mnemonic PAM HUGS FOSS.

See fully functional Sample Case | Index of cases

Virtual Cases

 About 26 virtual patient cases

The Virtual Cases are designed so that you can practice these cases acting as a doctor and or SP. They have the presenting scenario, questions to be asked, physical examination and a brief summary of the case. You can also practice the patient note.

See fully functional sample case 1 | sample case 2 Index of cases

Advice & General

The three secrets to success in the CS are -

  1. Practice,

  2. Practice and

  3. Practice!

Keeping this in mind, we have developed methods to help you practice the patient note in a timed real examination style patient note using the patient note generator software developed by us. As you might be aware, you never fully get the complete grasp on a case until you write up the case! So, make use of this opportunity to practice and write up the patient note as soon as you are done with the case.

Partner Finder

Many test takers would like help in getting the right partner so that they can practice the CS cases. The UsmleSource partner finder program is another valuable addition that helps you find the right partner for you.

Timed Check Lists

 We use a timer that alerts you after 15 minutes for the patient interview and physical examination and 10 minutes for the patient note when you practice the patient note using our unique patient note generator software - just like the real examination. The SP check lists are representative of the check lists used by the SP's in the real USMLE step 2 CS examination.

Physical Examination Videos

A compiled list of useful physical examination videos.

Hope this unique service will help simplify your preparation for USMLE step 2 CS and make it fun and easy! Many applicants fail because of inadequate data collection. With our Mnemonic based approach, you can get the maximum data in minimum time. We use graphics to help make pages unique for so that it is easier to memorize.

Video Case Discussions (New)

 We are adding video case discussions to the cases. Already added over 12 videos as of December 15th, 2006 and are adding more soon!

This course, with over 300 pages of high yield content, is far better than any other course available including OSCE, UW, FA in terms of content, number of cases, price, and technology. In fact, it is the best bang for your bucks!

Visitors / Guests

You can try the Free Patient Note Generator to practice patient notes.

With over 100 cases, this is the most comprehensive course available for step 2 CS with features not available elsewhere including PN generator software, timed check lists, case discussions, videos and more!

See a user review at

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See Sample Cases and Screen Shots

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