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For review purpose, usmle source is outstanding, your confidence will boost up. 
 -Vada on usmleforum

Everyone should benefit form this less expensive and the most useful source. This is an excellent course for CSA covering all the cases one will get.  
 -Ramkumar more

To me it is not only the price I like the format. It is focused. I really don't think there is enough time for comprehensive hx and PE that are required with UW cases. 
- Junster on Usmle.net

I feel very confident going into the exam after reviewing these cases. 
Being this is my second attempt, I found a strong correlation between my prior cases and the cases offered here. The information is being handed to you in the most discrete and clear way possible. Take advantage of it! 

- Guerino more

Your customer service is excellent - very satisfying and very fast. It convinced me to get the course. 
- Pelin, UPMC, Pittsburgh

Dearest USMLE Source Team, You are the most rocking source! Wow! You guys deliver! Phew! I simply requested the case (of sexual assault) today early morning IST, and when I get up, and check my inbox, I have an added case of Sexual Assault. Wow! I loved it, as I too believe in speed, and
sincerity in approach. Just to reiterate once again; you guys rock! The sexual assault case was recently asked by a test taker in Chicago. Congratulations!

  -Dr. A. K., New Delhi

I found the USMLE Source Course a very handy and good tool to revise for the USMLE CS Exam. The 100 odd cases are very well illustrated and the video cases are very helpful during revision to retain important facts. I would no doubt recommend this course for those who are preparing for the exam, as one can literally think thatthis is like a secret weapon when confronting the cases in the exam.

         Dr. KY ...more

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Welcome to the most simple and easy step 2 CS course online from UsmleSource. This course is designed to help you pass the USMLE step 2 clinical skills examination in a practically proven and easy method using mnemonics.


$49.99 only for 2 months of access.

That is just $25.00 per month!



Please call (215) 525 0086 after you subscribe via PayPal to get access. You get access after payment is received.

With over 120 cases, this is the most comprehensive course available for step 2 CS with features not available elsewhere including PN generator software, timed check lists, case discussions, videos and more content added almost daily!

With double the number of cases, advanced software and half the price you pay elsewhere, you cannot ask for more! And with the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Try it today before the prices go up!

Note to users: On the login page, please select the box remember your password box when you login.

New Physical Examination Videos

New videos were added in the new Usmle Forums at Usmlesource


We are glad to announce that Usmlesource is quickly becoming the most popular course for Usmle step 2 CS,  thanks to the overwhelming response from the USMLE community. The most important thing for leaving a good impression on the SP is not how much you read and know about the topic but your confidence! And confidence comes with practice and reading the right material. As posted by one user onusmleforum, "..Usmlesource will boost your confidence" since we use an approach that is most practical, simple and proven to work. After all, people want to pass this exam the first time!


Added a case of sexual assault as this was encountered by an examinee recently. Also added a case of elder abuse. That takes the total number of cases at usmlesource to 120!

 UsmleSource upgraded the forums to a new more advanced software with a lot of additional features not available in the previous software. You can now access the new forums here

We keep on improving and updating the cases, software and content to help you prepare for the USMLE step 2 CS. Compared to any other course available anywhere, UsmleSource has the most number of cases, software, videos and yet the most affordable!

Unique Features

History Taking Skills

  • Timed SP Check Lists (Timers warn after 15 min)

  • Closing the encounter

  • Workup and Differential Diagnosis

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Patient Notes Written For Patient Encounters

  • Software to Practice Patient Note (With 10 min Timer)

  • Compare Your PN With Others

  • A uniform Mnemonic Based Approach (Unique)

  • Case Discussions Covering the Topic (Unique)

  • Abbreviations for CS

  • Partner Finder

  • Physical Examination Video's (External)

  • Advise from Test Takers

Other Features

Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied in 2 days minus $6.00

The prices are extremely low given the number of cases, high quality simplified content and videos.

The actual price is over $150 for 4 weeks but now available for a very low intro price.

Compare this to others that have half the number of cases, less features, no case discussions or videos, no software to practice PN but charge more!


A total of 120 Unique Cases (Largest Available)

  • 32 Complete Patient Interviews (Unique)

  • 26 virtual patient cases for Practice

  • 63 Symptom Based Approach Cases (Unique)

400 plus Pages of High Yield Content

Why UsmleSource

Most people that fail the USMLE step 2 CS do so in data gathering! Why do people fail in data gathering? because most of the courses available, including OSCE, FA and UW, concentrate so much on the individual case rather than the approach.


The folks that design USMLE knowingly mix the features of a few diseases so that your differential is wide open. It is important to realize that the key to success is not your diagnosis but your approach! That is why we have taken all the common symptoms that you see in USMLE CS, and provided with our "symptom based approach" that works no matter what the individual scenario might be!

Since practice is one of the most important parts of preparation for this examination, we developed software to enable you to practice the cases timed including the patient note.                       ...more

User Reviews

I feel very confident going into the exam after reviewing these cases. Being this is my second attempt I found a strong correlation between my prior cases and the cases offered here. The information is being handed to you in the most discrete and clear ways possible. Take advantage of it! Not only are the cases interactive but also the forms for feedback which ensures a rich database of cases from prior experience.

As posted by user Guerino in the forums here


This course written by MD's with extensive experience in teaching, has over 400 pages of high yield content.

This course is the most detailed, technologically superior, more number of cases, and has video case discussions unlike others. And the best part is that it is still the most affordable!  The introductory offer expires soon so hurry and subscribe today!

Based on user feedback from those that took other courses and failed CS, this course is far better than any other course available including OSCE, UW, FA in terms of content, number of cases, price, and technology. In fact, it is the best bang for your bucks! See free sample cases and screen shots in guest section.

Free Samples

We are the only online course that offers free samples unlike others. See fully functional cases (except for the videos that only work after subscription) including the software and timers to help improve your preparation.

NB: For those that want to print, you may do so but know that it may cost more in terms of printer cartridges than to extend your course for a couple of weeks!

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